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    Welcome to the No Name Roleplay Community!

    NoNameRP has opened its doors for new members! We are actively recruiting in all departments and are looking for members that can bring their imaginative story lines to the team. Have no previous roleplay experience? No problem! All training will be provided; we want you to succeed! All are welcome to join the media team department upon admission into the community. TeamSpeak & Discord is needed in order to join.


    Who are we?

    NNRP is a community created in January 2020 and was created by a group of friends that enjoy quality roleplay servers; however, many similar communities take the enjoyment out of GTA-based roleplay with too much bureaucracy and restriction. We here at NNRP strive to create a healthy balance between structure and freedom and maintain a thriving and active community many years into the future.



    - In game MDT System

    - Custom Scripts

    - 60 Open Interiors

    - 38 Custom Civilian Vehicles 

    - 19 Custom Police Vehicles 

    - 335 Custom Emotes

    - Custom Usable Tow Truck Script

    - Clean User Interface 

    - Everything is presented in a way to enhance your roleplay experience

    - Professional Website ( Under Construction ) 


    Departments Recruiting:

    - State Police (Open)

    - Civilian Operations (Open)

    - SA Fire & Rescue (Open)

    - Communications (Open)


    Recruitment Requirements:

    -MUST own a full, legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC. (Excluding Communications)

    -Recommended  - Have a computer which is able to support patrols throughout the entire GTA V Map (recommended for all departments, apart from Communications).  This will be helpful for patrols which are limited to certain areas of the map instead of being "Statewide".

    -MUST be 16 years of age on the day you apply. - NO EXCEPTIONS

    -MUST FULLY understand English and be able to speak English as well.

    -MUST have a working, clear sounding, headset (no feedback allowed from speakers/microphones).

    -Application must have COMPLETE SENTENCES and PROPER ENGLISH!

    -MUST read and agree to all of our community rules and regulations. 

    -MUST show respect to both players and staff/administrators at all times!


    Join our Discord:


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